Male Hair Loss Treatment 🍃

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For years John Doe could not find a solution, even hair specialist couldn’t help. His hair loss was caused by a lack of care and washing his hair too often. After weeks of using The AfroHairCandy🍃 Recovery Essential Set, he started seeing growth. Followed by months of progress, his hair was almost completely restored. Consistency is key. Our products also fill in gaps in the beard and bald patches. 


 Steps To Growth 🍃

 Do our products work? 🍃

Step 1

Firstly, reduce the frequency of hair washing to once every week.


Step 2

Use our  Cowash, it gently cleanses the hair while also conditioning the hair and scalp. Use weekly for hair cleansing, once is enough but the less frequent the better. The Cowash heals scalp where needed, making the scalp an inviting environment for growth.  


Step 3

The next step is to use the Moisture Spray. Spray on the scalp first, then spray on the tip of your hair, daily. The Moisture Spray keeps your scalp moist in order to produce new growth rapidly. 


Step 4 

Apply the Moisturiser/ Leave-in Conditioner on a daily basis. 

Step 5 

After Moisturising your hair with the Leave-in Conditioner. Part your hair then, rub the Chebe Butter to your fingertips, rubbing on to the hair from roots to tips of your hair. 

The Chebe Butter seals in your hairs moisture stopping breakages as your hair grows and gains length. 

The AfroHairCandy🍃  Set comes with a guide on how to use the products. By following the guide you will have a step-by-step routine to help grow and maintain your hair. 


These products can also be used on the beard to clean and moisturise for maintenance and to ensure a fuller beard.

When we’re asked does it really work? Yes, it does. AfroHairCandy🍃 in full effect! We are so grateful for our customers, who keep us posted on their progress and share their AfroHairCandy🍃 experience.


When men bald prematurely (male pattern balding), they need to ensure that they start a hair care regime with AfroHairCandy’s 🍃 natural hair care products. Men tend to wash their hair far more frequently than women which is problematic. 

Use AfroHairCandy 🍃  to restore and maintain your hair for only for £70 - the same price you would pay for 4-6 hair cuts from your local top barber.   


Does it work on Facial Hair? 🍃


If you haven’t joined the beard gang yet, now is the time! @bobby_1986 has been using AfroHairCandy’s🍃 Men selection to grow his beard fuller, longer and to make it softer as well as maintaining healthy hair to ensure he reduces the chances of hair thinning and balding.